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It's been so long thouu..

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon everyone.. yeah.. it's been so long already I have not updating my blog and my photoblog and also my tech blog cause I'm too busy with community & commitment nowadays and also my education. Anyway I just want to share the video of my school's sport day last few weeks ago. Feel free to watch it in HD and feel free to comment the video as if you have it. Feel free to add me in Facebook as if you want to contact me instantly. :)

It's beeen soooooooooooo looooooonggg bebeh..


Assalamualaikum and halooo and good afternoon you all.. First of all.. I'm just wanna sayy sorry because I haven't update my blog soooo loong throughout the year.. sorry again.. I'm soo busy with my commitments in school, home & photography.. yeah.. soo many story actually I have to share with you all but yeah.. busy with my commitments.. recently.. today parents signing record of academic at school just now.. and I only got 4'o a.k.a credit for my subject and I failed all my science subjects... that including Physics, Biology & Chemistry and also my Mathematics.. hahahaha.. dropping marks is easyy.. upgrading marks is easyyy also.. :(

And yeah, before I go.. I just wanna share with you guys that this 28/11/10 (Sunday). There will be a festival in Temburong that called ''Temburong Bisai'' or Festival Temburong replacing ''Cuti-Cuti Temburong''. The events are just the same like before but there are 2 new events in this festival which is Mini Marathon & Photography Contest. Mini Marathon offers you $1K for men & $800 for women for the prize of the first place. For Photography Contest, all you have to take the picture is all about ''Keunikkan Daerah Temburong'' or Uniquely Temburong which start from 28/11/10 (Grand Opening of Festival Temburong) and end at 12/12/10 (Sunday) and you can add Temburong Bisai Facebook Profile for more information. And just wondering why do they don't use fanpage instead? up to them lah.. hehehe.. Feel free to visit Temburong sometimes in life.. :))

Pesta Pameran Dan Jualan Promosi Kembali Ke Sekolah '10


Bonus ada udah, maritah tani membali barang sekulah!

Tips on Portrait Pictures

Best Portrait Photography

Every photographer wants to master the art of creating the best Portrait Photography. However, to master the art of creating the best Portrait Photography, one must possess some qualities. These qualities are reflected in the artwork. Though some of these qualities come naturally to few of them, some need to learn them to qualify to the best Portrait Photography clan of the society.

To have the best Portrait Photography session of your life, you must pay attention to several minutest photography details, such as picture composition, use of flash, light, background, and props. In addition, you must follow some tips, which can help you create the best Portrait Photography session of your life.

1) Convey a meaning through a photograph
Whether you are taking a casual or a formal photograph during the best Portrait Photography session of your life, remember to convey a solid idea. For example, a picture can be used to tell a story, explain a relation or simply to motivate people. Remember, a picture without a message is worthless. It has nothing to offer to the viewers. When it fails to retain their interest, it fails drastically. Therefore, think before you shoot during the best Portrait Photography session. Look around and focus on an idea. A normal picture showing a child going to school with the birds flying at the background or a physically challenged child participating in a school race convey some strong messages, and may turn out to be the remarkable shots taken during the best Portrait Photography session.

2) Make your subject comfortable
Once you have identified the shot and the message you want to convey, you need to decide the best way to take this photograph before you lose the best Portrait Photography settings. Many a times, it is noticed that a photographer rarely interacts with the subjects before taking a picture, whereas, the subject should feel comfortable with the photographer and the surroundings. Remember, this sense of comfort would be reflected through the photograph you have taken during the best Portrait Photography session.

3) Compose the picture well
Remember, a well-taken photograph is the one that is composed well. This is another technique to ensure the best Portrait Photography session of your life. You should always compose the image in the viewfinder of the camera and balance the visual elements in the image to achieve the best Portrait Photography experience of your life.

4) Experiment with the patterns of light
To have the best Portrait Photography experience, you should also be able to experiment with the patterns of light. As the light can dramatically change the appearance of your subject, you can use it to create the desired mood and settings during the best Portrait Photography session of your life. Therefore, pay attention to effective lighting in your pictures, as this also ensures the best Portrait Photography experience for you.

5) Make eye contact with your subject
Making a direct eye contact with your subject may reflect the same level of understanding in a picture as in the real life. Therefore, when you are taking a picture, hold your camera at that person’s eye level. This way, you can introduce a sense of harmony and understanding during the best Portrait Photography session of your life.

6) Use flash outdoors
If you are taking pictures outdoors on a bright sunny day, you may find some unpleasant facial shadows on subject’s face. However, it is possible to remove these shadows by using the flashlight of your digital camera. The flash lightens up the face and makes it look more pleasing during the best Portrait Photography session of your life.

7) Get closer to your subject
If your subject is at a distance, try moving closer before you take the picture. Remember, your subjects should occupy the most of the picture area. Therefore, move closer as you may reveal some interesting details about your subject and the occasion could turn out to be the best Portrait Photography session of your life. However, remember not to move too close, as this may blur your pictures.

8) Attempt taking some vertical pictures
Sometimes vertical pictures look more compelling than those taken horizontally do. Just turn your camera sideways to take a vertical picture of a lighthouse, a cliff, or a tower, and notice the difference it would bring to the best Portrait Photography session of your life.

Last but not least important tip includes you directing the best Portrait Photography session of your life. Come forward and manage the shot. You should aim at a creating an interesting and energetic shot rather than becoming a passive photographer. Don’t let your subjects stand still and pose in a boring manner. Get them in action, and get them talking. If you follow the tips mentioned here, it is not difficult to achieve the best Portrait Photography session of your life.

Taken From: Better Portrait Photography

Snapshots around the Temburong Exploration

Assalamualaikum, Ngalih eh tadi pagi atu. Jalan sana jalan sini. Bubut sana sini like an oangia.. HAHA!! Okay, nada masaku kan becali lagi ni. Jumlah Gambar semuanya 18 hari ani. :)

First Destination: Labu Senukoh
Second Destination: Batu Apoi
(No Pictures)
Third Destination: Kampung Menengah
(No Pictures)
Fourth Destination: Kampung Belais & Buda-Buda
Last Destination: Kampung Sibut

Only 5 Destinations altogether. But I only managed to cover 3 places only. So sad.. Alright. He we go now.

Penghulu Mukim Bokok sebagai Penganjur Acara

From UBD-ians I think.. Welcome!

Now at Labu Senukoh

Menunggu Arahan Daripada Pengawas Acara Di Labu Senukoh

Nice Camera!

Kamaliah! White shirt meh...

These girls were in action... making documentary about... idk

batah jua bisdurang ani menunggu arahan...

Testing with tembak-tembakan...

I forgot apa amanya nih...

Now around belais and buda-buda

House! made by 'manik'

Test her own 'Celapam' not 'Ardam'

She still watching how it's made... not the TV Program

Alright... She's focusing on her job..

At Pondok Memancing @ Belais

Sibut 1 photo

Just waiting the fish eat your bite...

Maybe that's all. I'll update it later as soon as I upload all the pictures in my facebook. :)

Tak Gendong Kemana mana


Hahaha... My schedule now are full by laughing saja.. kan beinjik Flu A pun masih tawa2.. antah kenapa ku in a sudden lapas bangun tidur atu senyuuuuuuuuuuuuuum saja. Selalunya inda tu nyamu. hehe.. forget that. If sudah meliat.. liat lagi.. haha..

Snapshots around the Cuti-Cuti Temburong '09

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening to all my blogwalking/blog readers/blog fans. Hehe, I'm sorry about my promise to upload the pictures because of the Internet Connection around here. Lagging to the max! Ih, adang tah ih kan spiking ani ganya. Alum tantu lurus tu grammar ku tu. :)~ Ok, I'll upload the pics maybe only 5 pictures only. Selebihnya kita bulih check dalam facebook ku. :)

Pembukaan Cuti-Cuti Temburong '09

Malam Karnival RTB

Pesta Mukun dan Acara lain

Pesta Joran Di Lubuk Putaran

Checkout These Pictures On My Facebook:

Grand Opening Cuti-Cuti Temburong '09
Malam Karnival RTB '09
Pesta Joran Lubuk Putaran 1
Pesta Joran Lubuk Putaran 2

Bedudun Tah Ke Temburong


'Bedudun Tah Ke Temburong' adalah slogan bagi Cuti-Cuti Temburong '09 ani. Dan di selajurkan dengan Karnival RTB Bersama Biskita di kawasan Ruang Legar Bumiputera Pekan Bangar. Dan kita buleh mengikuti Sudut bincang-bincang di Stesen Radio Harmoni FM dan banyak lagi. Kita buleh mengikuti/tracking secara live dari Dewan Muzakarah @ Bumiputera. Aktiviti-aktiviti sepanjang Cuti-Cuti Temburong diadakan iaitu:

Majlis Pelancarannya akan diadakan pada:
Hari Jumaat, 04 Disember 2009 bertempat di Ruang Legar, Kompleks Utama Bumiputera Pekan Bangar.

Karnival RTB Bersama Biskita
Tarikh Bermula: 4/12/09
Tarikh Berakhir: 5/12/09
Kawasan: Ruang Legar Kompleks Bumiputera Frasa 2

Bazaar / Expo
Tarikh Bermulanya: 4/12/09
Kawasan: Ruang Legar Kompleks Bumiputera Frasa 2

Persembahan Kesenian dan Kebudayaan (Setiap Hari Sabtu Malam Ahad)
Tarikh Bermulanya: 5/12/09
Kawasan: Ruang Legar Kompleks Bumiputera Frasa 2

Pesta Joran
Tarikh Bermulanya: 6/12/09
Kawasan: Labu Estate

Explorasi Temburong
Tarikh Bermulanya: 13/12/09
Kawasan: Dimukim dan Kampung Daerah Temburong
Jam: 8 Pagi

Karnival Flora Daerah Temburong
Tarikh Bermulanya: 20/12/09
Kawasan: Sekitar Kawasan Pekan Bangar
Pukul 8 Pagi

Tarik Kalat Terbuka Temburong
Tarikh Bermulanya: 20/12/09
Pukul 8 Malam
Kawasan: Kompleks Stadium Batu Apoi

GRAND FINALE on the 27th December
Cabaran Bukit Patoi ( Bukit Patoi Challenge )
Kawasan: Taman Rekreasi Bukit Patoi
Pukul 7 Pagi
Anjuran MPM Amo

*Jika Ada perubahan akan akan di maklumkan dan di kemas kini secepat mungkin
**Bawalah Kawan-Kawan, Boipren, Galprin, Family kemari untuk menjayakan Cuti-Cuti Temburong :)
***Segala gambar akan di masukkan setiap hari *Isnin

*Tertakluk kepada masa dan keadaan.

Pengagihan Daging Korban Kurnia KDYMM


Temburong – 28hb. November 2009 Sabtu Hari ini berlangsong Majlis Pengagihan daging daging qurban Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan Dan Yang DiPertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam tahun 1430 hijrah bersemaan 2009 masehi, pengagihan daging tersebut bertempat didewan Utama Kompleks Kedai Bumi Putera Pekan Bangar seramai 17 orang ketua keluarga bagi yang berhak menerimanya dan bagi 67 orang lagi adalah terdiri daripada ahli keluarga yang berhak menerimanya pengagihan daging qurban berkenaan, sebelum acara dimulakan didahului dengan Takbir raya yang dipimpin oleh Awang Haji Adam Haji Tengah Ketua pegawai masjid masjid daerah Tembuong dan disusuli dengan bacaan surah Al-Fatihah serta doa memohon supaya majlis ini berjalan dengan baik dan selepas itu ucapan pengerusi disampaikan oleh Awang Haji Mail Besar ketua Pegawai Ugama Majlis diteruskan dengan penyampaian pengagihan daging qurban kepada mereka yang terpilih dari setiap Mukim dan kampong penyempaian daging daging qurban telah disempurnakan oleh Awang Metusin Orang Kaya Sura Haji Tuba, Pegawai Daerah Temburong, hadir sama Ketua Jabatan dan Cawangan Daerah Temburong, serta Penghulu dan juga ketua kampong

Kebakaran Rumah @ 3 pagi dijalan Batang Tuau


Temburong – 28hb.November 2009 Sabtu awal pagi hari ini sebuah rumah sewa yang terletak dikampong Batang Tuau Temburong telah ranap dijilat api Pasukan Bomba dan Penyelamat menerima panggilan kecemasan dari Balai Polis Bangar kira kira jam 3.07 minit pagi setelah menerima panggilan berkenaan pasukan Bomba dan Penyelamat bergegas ketempat kejadian dengan pantas serta bertungkus lumus anggota pasukan Bomba dan Penyelamat dapat memadamkan api berkenaan dalam masa 15 minit dengan anggota pasuka seramai 10 orang yang diketuai oleh ABK 182 Awang Lain Anak Ason, semasa kebakaran sebanyak 8 buah kerita turut musnah dijilat api walau bagaimana pun tiada kemalangan jiwa berlaku punca kebakaran masih lagi dalam siasatan pihak berkenaan rumah yang hangus dijilat api itu adalah kepunyaan Allahyarham Awang Haji Yakop Haji Ahmad dimana rumah berkenaan telah disewa oleh sebuah syarikat swasta didaerah ini.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!!


My Weapon and reloader